Simple, intuitive, cost efficient Audio Video solutions for Silicon Valley

Communication is Key

You have the opportunity for vibrant communication every time someone walks through your lobby and hallways or sits down for a meeting, video conference call or presentation. CoitCom’s audio video systems allow you to capture and maximize each of these opportunities to share your message.

If the far end of the table cannot see your presentation or the other end of the conference call cannot understand your teams proposal, you’ve missed an opportunity. Let CoitCom’s team help you install and integrate a simple, intuitive and cost efficient audio video solution that is crystal clear.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has shaped the future of our world and CoitCom is very proud to be an intricate partner in keeping Silicon Valley at the forefront of innovation and change

2487 Spring St, Redwood City, California

Brilliant solutions for your company

  • Video Conferencing

  • Digital Signage

  • Video Wall

  • Sound Masking System

  • Training Rooms

  • Auditorium

  • Huddle Rooms


CoitCom offers the industry’s top brands, to deliver cutting-edge integrated solutions for video, audio, lighting control, content management, video conferencing, networking, and digital signage; plus whole home and business automation.

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