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Welcome to the CoitCom Blog. It is our first blog. So, please be patient as we find our voice and communication style. For those of you who don’t know us, CoitCom is an industry leading commercial audio video firm located in Redwood City, CA that is an active participant in numerous industry groups. Our goal is find and develop long term relationships with companies and organizations that value AV’s ability to help them communicate, collaborate and create new ideas.

CoitCom was founded in 1980 and has worked with almost every legendary Silicon Valley company in some capacity. Today our focus is on working with clients that want high value, cost efficient, and fail safe AV systems with superior service. In a world drowning in black boxes, we believe that CoitCom adds value by being a true service partner in every phase of your projects. We will help you balance what you “want” with what you “need”. We design in iterations and are happy to tell you where we believe it makes sense to pay a premium and where we think it acceptable to value engineer a solution. We want to work with your company for the long term. Stacking a bunch of confusing and expensive whiz bang equipment that no one will ever really fully understand how to use is not the way to develop those relationships.

Did I mention that we absolutely try to keep bureaucracy to a minimum? I want every CoitCom employee to be confident in their decision making ability and to get quick and effective answers to questions when something is “above their pay grade”. We know your systems need to up and running and do everything we can to cut potential red tape to make that happen.

If this sounds like the type of AV company that you would like to work with, give us a call or email anytime that works for you. We are happy to tell you more about us and discuss your AV needs/wants. We have a no pressure sales style and are happy to go through all the options that we see for you. Thanks for checking out this first blog post and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Best, Kevin Miller.

PS. Every client gets my direct cell phone number to be used any time you need it.

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