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Specializing in AV Solutions in the Bay Area for 40 years that are tailored to a clients needs with a focus on service and a personalized touch. Coitcom scales from the simplest huddle space to complex broadcast environments.


Why Coitcom?

Great Service. Great Systems. Great Support. Great Clients.

Coitcom is a 40 year old, family owned, AV Integration company that prides itself on building long term relationships that exceed every client’s expectations. Never bleeding edge, Coitcom focuses on robust “cutting edge” solutions complimented with outstanding service & support.


AV Managed Services

Our engineering, installation, and product selection are second to none.  But, we believe our expertise working with Enterprise and Fortune 100 clients has imbued our team with the knowledge and professionalism to handle any situation in any environment. Our decentralized management style allows are team members to be flexible and decisive when other AV companies cannot.

Our highly trained technicians and service staff are a tremendous resource for clients to not only provide technical support when you need it most, but also provide training and guidance on whatever element of your system that is challenging.

Support, On site and Remote

Need more than on call service? So do many of our other clients. With this in mind, we offer a full suite of contracts that will put the right person in the right place for your organization to have immediate support when it is needed most.

Maintain & Repair the systems

AV Technology is changing rapidly, but if the system is still performing to your team's needs and it only needs a bit of TLC to enable quality work, we offer a full range of warranty and legacy support to ensure that your system is performing to its peak.

Monitor & Report

A large percentage of problems can be diagnosed early, remotely and before the end user is even aware of them with the use of Coitcom’s proprietary monitoring system.  We are able to diagnose issues before they become problems.

Upgrade, if/when needed

The landscape of AV has changed dramatically recently and continues to evolve quickly as the industry responds to business challenges. We'll provide you the knowledge to make an informed decision on your options.


Our goal is to create usable and robust systems that exceed your expectations.

Design & Integration Services

A well designed system provides the needed functionality, works consistently and intuitively, is appropriately future proofed, and comes in on time and at budget.  However, making systems hit these simple benchmarks can be extremely complicated and require extensive communication between the end user and integrator.  Our design ethos puts clients’ needs in direct focus while avoiding “upselling” into solutions that overcomplicate their use. Our team leads with a needs analysis & scope review from which the rest of the project flows to completion.



Every organization does things differently.  Your AV systems should reflect your processes and team.  Our team has worked with industry partners to find and develop standardized systems that feature a high degree of interoperability and integration to take the work out of developing a fully custom system for each project. Ranging from highly integrated monitoring systems to straightforward “solutions in a box” we are able to offer your organization what it needs with a minimal amount of overhead.


Staffing Services

AV staffing can be challenging because it combines multiple trades (IT, Real Estate, Construction, and AV) and can have a sporadic upgrade and service cycle. Our extensive experience in finding contracted AV support staff for our clients has provided us with the foundations and network of contacts to find exactly the right addition to your team to make your operations run smoothly.