Your AV systems should be as unique as your company and team.

Every organization does things differently.  Your AV systems should reflect your processes and team. Our team has worked with industry partners to find and develop standardized systems that feature a high degree of interoperability and integration to take the work out of developing a fully custom system for each project. Ranging from highly integrated monitoring systems to straightforward “solutions in a box” we are able to offer your organization what it needs with a minimal amount of overhead.


Coitcom's Solutions:


AVaaS | AV as a Service

With a set monthly cost, Coitcom’s AVaaS provides you with automatic equipment upgrades, automatic service, preventative maintenance, ongoing training, and help desk support. 


Research Media Capture Systems, Specialized Monitoring and Patient Systems

Specialized environments require specialized solutions to support their uses. 


Digital Signage & Distributed Audio Systems

Wayfinding, Emergency Response, Retail, Hospitality, etc. are all digital signage applications that allow you to communicate quickly and consistently with minimal human resources. 


NOC, Lobbies, & Video Wall Design/Integration

Network Operating Centers, board rooms, lobbies, and all hands spaces are high visibility, 24/7, mission critical spaces that are all starting to see more and more penetration of video walls as display sources. 


PoE Integration Solutions

Everything on the network. That sentence is more the reality than at any point in AV's history. In addition to AV/IT convergence, there is also convergence of other industries that are coming under AV and IT managers' domains.


Experience Centers & Museums

Interactive media installations, augmented reality exhibits, technology demonstrations and other types of media installations are being used to bring these stories to life where clients, employees, and visitors can experience the present and past.


Collaboration Spaces

Corporate offices and workspaces are more distributed than ever, but today's projects require unprecedented collaboration. Without clear and accurate communication supported by excellent hardware, that communication can become compromised. 

Additional Solutions:

Single Call Design Build Contractor Services

Video Wall Design and Integration

Room Solutions in a Box