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Project Management

On time, under budget, and a pleasure to work with. That is Coitcom's focus in project management. When working with Coitcom, clients realize that project management is more than a role focusing on tasks, budgets, and time lines.


Each of these buzzwords and challenges can derail a project. With 5,000 projects under our belt, we have seen most everything that can happen on a project. Our team is critically qualified to support your team and project on a path to successful delivery.

A key differentiator of our PM Team is that each member has the technical capacity to advise you through every phase of the project.

We think of our PM's as owning a project and being a single point of contact for any question. Come experience what we feel makes Coitcom unique in the industry and has created our long term relationships and has allowed us to grow via word of mouth and referral for over 30 years.