AVaaS | AV as a Service

Tired of continuous piece meal AV upgrades and fighting for CAPEX budget? Need reliable, industry standard, operational AV equipment to support your business goals? This solution is tailored for those needs. With a set monthly cost, Coitcom’s AVaaS provides you with automatic equipment upgrades, automatic service, preventative maintenance, ongoing training, and help desk support. This solution releases you from worrying about your AV equipment/service and is our recommended holistic offering.


Entire Build Outs

Ranging from a standards based-cookie cutter build out to an entire custom campus-wide system with various feature sets, we're seeing an increased interest in this all-inclusive offering from clients that focus on up-time and up to date feature sets.

Reach out and inquire about how this flexible service can enable your organization to recognize increased productivity, minimal downtime, and up to date current systems.