AV Managed Services

Remote Monitoring and Support

A large percentage of problems can be diagnosed early, remotely and before the end user is even aware of them with the use of Coitcom’s proprietary monitoring system.  This system provides a balance of preventive service as we are able to diagnose issues before they become problems. A range of tiers are available for this service starting with passive monitoring that provides diagnostic information and notifications of potential issues to our team remotely accessing the equipment and controlling it in real time. We are happy to review which system is best for your organization’s your AV experience.


Real Time Diagnostics, Analytics and Reporting

Additional value adds to this service offering are Real Time Diagnostics, Analytics and Reporting which provide the BI for decision makers to pivot to making informed decisions with data to reinforce their budgetary spend instead of being locked into hunches and gut feelings.


Let us help you make decisions with Data.